As approved by the Board of Directors in 2018, the Committee will establish an Emergency Response Unit for the park and to possibly lend this service to other state park facilities for special events.

PURPOSE: The purpose of the unit is to provide trained medical and rescue personnel and equipment for emergencies that occur within the boundaries of the park during the off peak and less staffed hours of 7 p.m. to 7 a.m., at Special Events at the park and if needed at other state park lands or as called upon in the community.

APPARATUS: The Committee will maintain two 4×4 SUV’s, two UTV’s, trailer to transport UTV’s and boat and trailer. These units will be outfitted with the proper equipment to respond to medical and rescue emergencies which are in areas not accessible to normal emergency apparatus, which is typical of the surrounding emergency service units in the area. In the future a bike medical unit will be added, as volunteer staffing is increased, and funding allows.

VOLUNTEERS: The Committee will utilize its own volunteers to man the apparatus. These volunteers will be trained as “Emergency Medical Technicians”. There will also be trained volunteers with EMR (emergency medical responders), which will assist the EMT’s. Limited fire suppression training will also be implemented. Volunteers who are trained as EMT’s or EMR’s will be required to make a 3-year commitment to the Committee to be available as needed.

EMERGENCY MEDICAL TECHNICIANS: Volunteers trained as Emergency Medical Technicians will be allowed to use their certification outside of the Committee for employment purposes.

RESPONSES: The ERU will respond as needed and called upon by the local 911 Center or the New Jersey Division of Parks and Forestry (DEP Dispatch). The unit will also make itself available to the community, if called upon and any special events conducted at a State Park facility. Special events will have to be scheduled in advance and the unit will place itself out of service to the park and local area for emergency responses if the event is not held at Parvin State Park.